Wednesday, December 11, 2013


The unknown. There’s so much of it, so much that I have not experienced. The flame of curiosity and wonder is hard to keep burning. It can only burn so long. As winter slowly approaches, it is a mere flame atop a melting candle at mercy of the glacial breeze. I desire to swing open the doors and journey into a universe of only beauty. Perhaps when the blizzard is over…
I wish to fly up so high to see everything at a new perspective. I want to leave this confining four-walled room and set sail. I will one day sail across the ocean in an adorable yacht with a notebook in hand and a pencil in the other. I will sit precariously on a drop-off and take in the briny breeze of the ocean below. I will one day fly to the moon and see the universe how she sees. I will ice skate in the Atlantic and twirl like a ballerina on a gleaming floor. I will swim through crowds of people to finally see him again. I will conjure shapes in the clouds and paint them in varying shades of beauty. I will climb a mountain and smile down at the world beneath me, wondering all the while if I should ever go back down. I will sit alone one night, in twilight just to speak to a firefly. I will make a paper airplane and let the wind take it where she wishes to. I’ll visit an evergreen forest and release a purple balloon to see if it can make it past the canopy above. I will give a fortune to a homeless man so that he may find a better life with peace, joy and love. I will smile at the little girl who wishes she will become like me, play with her braid and promise her she will become much more. I will let my mind wander. Imagination will forever be my savior. I will let loose my soul and let her dance across the land. I will carve letters on the trunk of an oak and leave those initials for the wildlife to ponder. I long to write my name in the heavens. Sometime soon the cerulean sky will spell my name with puffy clouds of gracious smoke that will determinedly stay for eternity even when I have gone.