Sunday, May 25, 2014

Snow Globe People

"Wow." Christina whispered, staring at the snow covered scene. "It looks so much like the inside of a snow globe." I realized it was true. However, instead of recognizable buildings or statues though, it was a dock and a frozen lake.
"I know." I said, intertwining my fingers through hers and towing her towards the dock.

We had a great time. First, we had a snowball fight of sorts. Then we tried to build a snowman. And failed. All we could come up with were these lopsided chunks. Then when we stacked them on top of each other, it started to look like melting scoops of ice cream.
It was about lunch time when I opened the giant bag she brought. There was a quilt, a picnic basket, a tiny first-aid kit and a bunch of other stuff that I would grow old before naming. I chuckled and pulled out the picnic basket, trying not to disturb the arrangement of the other items. I peered in the basket and really laughed. There was huge flask containing soup I guess, another flask probably containing a drink, sandwiches, chocolate covered strawberries, marshmallows and sausages. "Are you headed to Africa after this?"
She looked confused.
"You have enough food to save all those starving kids."
Now, she laughed. "You left me in charge of provisions."

We ate some sandwiches. Then we drank he soup because we thought it probably wouldn't last long in the cold. We also sipped a cup of hot chocolate each. Then we left the rest for later.

In the afternoon, we curled up on the dock. I pulled off my scarf and put it around her. She looked so beautiful even though she was bundled up in layers. I kissed her temple then she shifted so her head was on my shoulder. After awhile, I heard the change in the breathing. She had fallen asleep. I moved her head carefully so it rested on my lap. I didn't want her neck to be strained later. I stroked her hair gently and stared at the frozen lake and the trees adorned with white specks from yesterday's snowfall.

I thought about what she had said about the snow globe earlier. I thought about how sometimes in snow globes, there are tiny perfect people there who are watching it snow or skiing or something. I found myself wondering if we could be like those snow globe people... if we could be always be happy with watching it snow or building retarded snowmen. I looked at her and thought maybe we could. I compared myself now to who I was a few months ago. The differences were staggering. I had been a bitter pessimist and now, I was hoping for a bright future like an optimist did. I was so grateful for her presence, for her warmth and for the light she brought into my life. And though I had never been much of a believer before, I found myself praying that she would always stay with me.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Diary of a Marionette

Be the careful wind
that steers the naive sailboat,
the realist
that keeps the dreamer breathing.

I'll turn my head to you
like a sunflower in the sunstruck valley
worshiping the sun
till the fall of her petals.

I'll be the violin
and you'll be the bow.
I'll be the dusty keys
while you'll be the pianist.

I'll let you fiddle
with the colored wires,
trusting you'll know
which ones to slash.

I'll let you command my strings,
hoping your intents
are only to bring forth
thunderous applause.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Some things are better left unknown or as enigmatic as possible.